I did the music for Daily Routine’s Spring/Summer 2018 Show at Stockholm Fashion Week. Christian Lippich’s brand Daily Routine was selected among three other contestants to be part of the Swedish Fashion Talents show, hosted by the Swedish Fashion Council.

After dissecting the reference music and going over the brief I came up with this mix to mirror and translate his collection into the medium of sound.

  1. Daily Routine SS18 Runway Music Various 13:35


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Daily Routine’s is the first collection shown in the video below. Due to copyright concerns they have removed the original runway music in this video.

I wrote and produced the soundtrack to a fashion film by Sebastian Örtegren and Liza Forslund. The film was part of a collaboration between Beckmans School of Design and Swedish designer Örjan Andersson.

Team: Sebastian Örtegren and Liza Forslund (Art Direction), Malin Delin and Daniela Persichetti (Fashion), Ninja Hanna (Photography), Christopher Insulander (Styling), Amanda Hellgren (Hair and Make up), Filippos and Sharon (Models), Anton Leuba (Music), Sabina Olsson (Assistant of Photography).