Anton Leuba
Electronic, pop
  1. Machine -:-- / 3:06


I wanna be a machine, never-tiring
not afraid of dirty work, always squeaky clean
wanna be a machine, never miss a beat
keep on banging on the door tho my knuckles bleed
wanna be a machine, gonna live my dream
I work my way up, step up to the scene
wanna be a machine, gonna prove ’em wrong
and it’ll be long ’til all the haters turn around and start to sing along

one day you will see me fly (yeah, right when pigs fly)
one day I’m shooting through the sky (and then fall down and die)
one day you’ll all say he’s alright
all eyes on me, I’ll take the pressure like a machine, just like a machine

so, see you later, this is my song
I know I’ll work it out, I can’t go wrong
I might get hurt, you know, hitting the wall
but you know bones grow harder when you fall
it’s a non-stop roller coaster ride to top
I know it’s getting harder but I just can’t get enough
and I can’t cut the competition in half
so I better step it up, level up and kick some ass

repeat chorus

take the train from the hood
fresh cut, clean clothes, look good
in the corner sipping your bottle
yeah, I know I can work harder

stay in bed, probably should
get up, get dressed, get good
day is done, so why even bother
yeah, I know I can work harder

repeat chorus