The Powers Of Superman

Anton Leuba
electronic pop, synth-pop, electroclash, lo-fi disco
  1. The Powers Of Superman -:-- / 4:30


you’re like elvis to me, a perfect human being
sent to me to make a major change
sometimes so selfish and mean but most times perfect and keen
the love you give me is to me so new and so strange

but then again you’re my first
which makes comparison hard
I didn’t think I would fall so hard but now
I’m so in love that it hurts
feels like earthquakes in my heart
something tells me I should know better somehow

I wanna help you, find out the truth, put together all
the pieces of your shattered youth
I wanna help you, I’m doing what I can
but I don’t have the powers of superman
I wanna help you, and make it all right
we’ll get you on the right track by the end of the night
I wanna help you but I don’t think I can
cuz I don’t have the powers of superman

heaven is coming my way, I do not know what to say
your perfect presence silents all my words
but there is no need to speak, my knees are getting weak
I fall you catch me and save me from the hurt

but then the realization
the two days that you’re gone
I’m scarred for life and I thought you’d be no harm
a few warning conversations
this pain is way too strong
but how you treat me is also what’s part of your charm

repeat chorus.

I wanna help you up, up from the ground,
I wanna help you up, but you keep falling down
I wanna help you up, up on your feet,
but you just keep on crawling around on your knees

I wanna help you, wanna make it all right
wanna get you on the right track but that tracks out of sight
I wanna help you, now I know that I can’t
cuz I don’t have the powers of superman